City of Hancock Transit

Service Area City of Hancock Transit provides demand-response service to the City of Hancock and City of Houghton.
Service Type
Reduced Fair Eligility
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Gogebic County Transit Authority

This Authority, also known as the ?Little Blue Bus,? serves the main population areas of Gogebic County Monday through Friday with hours of operation from 6 am to 6 pm. Services are available to all population groups. Regularly scheduled deviated routes are provided between 1) Ironwood and Wakefield and 2) Ironwood and Watersmeet. The routes generally follow the U.S. 2 corridor and will deviate up to 2 miles from that corridor and from the internal local routes that service bus stops. Deviated route services areas are shown in the maps at right.

The Ironwood-to-Wakefield route, which is most heavily utilized, generally stops at Aspirus Grand View Hospital and certain medical offices on every run, with other common stops being Ramsay, the County Courthouse, and Gogebic Community College. However, passengers should call ahead around the time of the schedule run they intend to take to ensure the bus will stop at their location.

Demand-response service is provided on a first come, first served basis. To ensure service will be available when needed, 24 hour advance notice is requested. Demand-response services are typically provided only in the Ironwood, Bessemer, and Wakefield city limits and in Watersmeet. However, in the event service is needed outside of the demand-response and deviated route areas, it may be arranged by speaking to a dispatcher.

See the schedule tables at right and information table below for more details. You may also call a dispatcher at (906) 932-2523 for more information.

Headquarters 235 E McLeod Ave, Ironwood, MI 49934
Phone (906) 932-2523
Service Area Gogebic County
Ownership/Funding Authority Public/Transit Authority
Service Type Demand-Response and Fixed Route with Deviations
Fares: General Public Deviated Routes:

$2 for 0-3 miles
$2.50 for 4-24 miles
$3 for 25-miles or more

Demand-Response (24 hour notice requested):

$2.50 (all distances)

Fares: Reduced (50%)

Senior Citizens 62+
All Students
Children under 12

Deviated Routes:

$1 for 0-3 miles
$1.25 for 4-24 miles
$1.50 for 25-miles or more

Demand-Response (24 hour notice requested):

$1.25 (all distances)

Days/Hours of Operation
(also see schedule)
Ironwood ? Wakefield Deviated Route:

6 am ? 6 pm Monday-Friday

Ironwood ? Watersmeet Deviated Route:

8:15 am ? 3:30 pm Thursday (2 round trips)
9:30 am ? 3:30 pm Friday (1 round trip)

Demand-Response in the Three Cities:

6 am ? 6 pm Monday-Friday

Demand-Response in Watersmeet:

10:45 am ? 2:15 pm Friday

Shelters Glass-walled and lighted

  • Ironwood @ Headquarters
  • Bessemer @ Sophie & Mary Streets
  • Marenisco @ U.S. 2 & M-64
  • Watersmeet @ US-2 & U.S. 45

Wakefield Holiday Stationstore on U.S. 2

Accessibility Wheelchair ramps on buses
Special Amenities Bicycle racks on 2 buses (24-hour notice requested)