What if you don’t have access to a regularly scheduled transit route and you need a ride at the same time to the same place every day? Most people drive, but if you would rather save some money and escape the in-car solitude of the daily commute, ridesharing or carpooling is an option. If you are unable to drive, it’s even better.

There are several ways to set up carpools. One is by talking to co-workers you already know and arranging some ground rules and a schedule. Another is to work through a program your employer might have to promote carpooling. Still another is to take care of certain state programs  to make carpooling more accessible. Finally, there are a number of internet-based applications and search engines to specify when you need to ride and find out how your needs match up Carpoolingwith those of other people. That is our primary of concentration here. In the carpooling menu above you will see a few selections to direct you to the information you’re looking for.

In this section of the website you will find a map of park-and-ride lots where passengers can meet at a central location, a chart showing transit connections to park-and-ride lots, tips on etiquette and an explanation of assistance from the Michigan Department of Transportation, and, most importantly, a carpooling application to make arrangement of carpools easier and more effective. Carpooling can only work in our area if interested people with similar routes communicate and connect, and that is what this application is for. We encourage you to try it out!