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Before searching or browsing providers, it is helpful to know the different types you will encounter. Please read below for more information.


Major Public Transit/Nonprofit Agencies

These providers serve the broadest population and are probably most familiar. In the Western Region, these agencies are Gogebic County Transit Authority, Hancock Public Transit, Houghton Public Transit, and Ontonagon County Transit (On-Tran). They offer a few different types of service, which are described below and on the pages of providers that use them. These service types can also be applied to other types of providers.

  • Demand-Response: Point-to-point pickup and drop-off service is provided in response to a phone call.
  • Flex Route: Service operates generally with a regular route and schedule but will modify the route slightly as needed to pick up and drop off passengers.
  • Fixed Route: Service operates with a regular route and schedule.

In our six counties, demand-response is by far the most commonly provided and most heavily utilized service. This is because passengers are spread few and far between, and the only sensible way of providing service is to pick up and drop off each person individually. Flex routes are the second most common, since they combine the efficiency of a fixed route with the ability to pick up individuals who are near but not on the route. Fixed routes in our area are rare and infrequent, intended for passengers who are willing to go out of their way to travel to a bus stop in order to reach an important destination at a predetermined time.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

A variety of types of providers transport passengers to local or distant medical facilities. Most, but not all, providers only transport “ambulatory” patients those without disabilities and who do not require special medical care en-route. Some do not offer regular trips for chronic conditions, and none offer transportation for emergencies. Most of these providers are public or non-profit agencies, though one is private. Many of the providers listed here exclusively transport war veterans to Iron Mountain for medical care. Others serve only senior citizens.

Private Enterprise

These providers offer a wide variety of services as supported by the consumer market. Taxi companies, the most common type, offer demand-response services but often at a higher price and without as many discounts as public transit agencies. In return for added costs, response times are often quicker than for public transit. Service areas are also much larger: virtually all areas are covered by at least one taxi company. All taxi/cab companies in the region are willing to make long distance trips to any location, meaning that in some areas they are the only transportation option. Other options include scheduled intercity buses, limousines, medical transport services, and trailhead pickup services.

Human and Educational Services

It is difficult to give across-the-board rules for these non-profit providers. They provide services to their current consumers, such as recipients of the services of a health and social welfare agency, like the Department of Health and Human Services; persons with mental disabilities receiving workforce and lifestyle assistance from community mental health agencies; and children receiving educational transportation from the intermediate school districts. (Regular school districts are not listed.) The best way to find out whether you are eligible is to review our information about the provider and contact them for more information if appropriate.

Volunteer Services

Most of these organizations utilize volunteer drivers to help individuals get where they need to go.

Shelter Homes

All of the area domestic violence whelters will assist those needing shelter in reaching the facility, either through their own drivers or vouchers for transit providers.