Baragaland Senior Citizens

Baragaland Senior Citizens provides demand-response and long-distance flex route services to senior citizens and persons with disabilities in Baraga County. Local demand-response services are provided in Baraga, L’Anse, and the surrounding communities of Aura, Covington, and Skanee 8 to 10 times a month. Variable long-distance deviated routes also offer door-to-door service and generally run from the Baraga/L’Anse area to Marquette twice a month, Houghton once or twice a month, and Iron Mountain and Watersmeet once a month each. Fares are charged for all of these services as listed below. The organization also offers a separate non-emergency medical transport service to Hancock, Houghton, Marquette and Iron Mountain. Staff use buses, vans, and personal vehicles to transport consumers.

Provider Type Major Public/Nonprofit Agency
Headquarters 6 N Main Street, L’Anse, MI 49946
Phone (906) 524-6922
Service Area Baraga County, primarily, with long-distance flex routes
Ownership/Funding Authority Nonprofit with federal funding
Service Type Demand-Response, Flex Route, & Non-Emergency Medical
Fares Flex Routes (long-distance): $5 round trip


$2 within L’Anse
$3 within Baraga
$3 Aura to L’Anse/Baraga
$4 Skanee or Covington to L’Anse/Baraga

Days/Hours of Operation 8 am – 4 pm Tuesday-Friday (varies by route)
Route Destinations
Times and days vary; call for specifics
Baraga County 8-10 times/month

Marquette 2 times/month

Houghton 1-2 times/month

Iron Mountain once/month

Watersmeet once/month

Accessibility Wheelchair ramp on one bus


Demand-Response: Point-to-point pickup and dropoff service is provided in response to a phone call, with or without notice (typically 24 hours).

Flex Route: Service operates generally with a regular route and schedule but will depart some distance from the route as needed to pick up and drop off passengers.

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