Disabled American Veterans

Disabled American VeteransThe widest-ranging of three providers transporting veterans to the Iron Mountain Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), Disabled American Veterans has three volunteer-operated vans based at different locations throughout the region: Houghton (operated by Houghton County Veterans Affairs), Ironwood (operated by Gogebic County Veterans Office), and Ontonagon (operated by Ontonagon County Veterans Association).

Service is provided with the intention of serving sick and disabled veterans whenever and wherever possible. The service is only for ambulatory veterans – those without oxygen or wheelchairs – due to vehicle limitations. Vans operate on weekdays when needed, M-W-F in Gogebic County and daily in Houghton and Ontonagon; veterans should call at least 48 hours in advance to schedule a ride.

To schedule a ride, veterans should call their county veterans office, listed below, except in Iron County, where service is provided by Veterans Transportation Service (VTS). VTS, which is run in coordination with DAV, operates directly out of the Iron Mountain Veterans Medical Center and is publicly funded. DAV vans depart for VAMC in early morning. When making appointments, veterans must also inform the person taking their appointment(s) that the veteran will be traveling by the van and must be finished with appointments by 2 pm Central Time, when the van leaves VAMC to bring the veteran home.

Provider Type Specialized Human Services Agency
Headquarters N/A
Phone In Baraga, Houghton, and Keweenaw Counties: Houghton County Veterans Affairs at (906) 482-0102

In Gogebic County: Gogebic County Veterans Office at (906) 667-1110

In Iron County: Veterans Transportation Service at (906) 774-3300, ext. 33849

In Ontonagon County: On-Tran (for Ontonagon County Veterans Association) at (906) 884-2006

DAV Voluntary Services: Greg Wiesse, Director 800-215-8262

Service Area Entire region; bases in Houghton, Ironwood, & Ontonagon
Ownership/Funding Authority Non-profit
Service Type Medical Transportation
Fares: Veterans No charge
Days/Hours of Operation Weekdays (except only M-W-F in Gogebic County); hours vary by county