Superior Shores Resort

Superior Shores ResortSuperior Shores Resort provides a trailhead pickup service to hikers in limited areas of Ontonagon County. Trailhead pickups are useful when a hiking party drives to their point of departure on a trail but needs to be picked up and returned to the car at the end of the trip. In the opposite scenario, the car is left at the end of the trail and hikers are dropped off at the beginning.

Service from Superior Shores is limited to the North Country Trail. Service to recreationalists other than hikers/backpackers is not available. Those needing trailhead pickups are encouraged to try to utilize this or Peterson’s Cottages’ similar service before calling On-Tran, which can be overburdened by such requests. Service is available to all hikers and not just guests of the resort. However, service is only available when scheduling allows, and inquiries must be made with advance notice.

Provider Type Private
Headquarters 26156 W State Highway M-64, Ontonagon, MI 49953
Phone (906) 884-2653
Service Area Ontonagon County (North Country Trail & Porkies)
Ownership/Funding Authority Private
Service Type Trailhead Pickups
Fares: General Public
$1/mile one way ($30 minimum)
Days/Hours of Operation Generally 9 am to 10 pm